Ellen Harter

Yellowbird Teacher

Beloit College, B.A.

Tulane University, M.S.W.

Montgomery College
90 hour Child Care Class

Suburban Nursery School
Yellowbird Teacher (1985 – present)

My youngest son was in a cooperative school for the 3s and 4s. His school closed and the 4 year old teacher came to Suburban and recommended me for the 1 day Yellowbird teaching position. The rest is history. I have been at Suburban ever since. After 30 years, you may wonder why I am still here: I love two year olds and as my own children age (born 1977 and 1980), I am able to still enjoy the wonder that young children possess.

I took part in many playgroups when my sons were young, so I run my class as if it was a playgroup. Activities are offered, but none are required, except going outside with the group. Here we do all the messy activities that one does not dare do at home. School, for two’s, is where they first learn to separate from mom or dad and where they learn to use words for what they want or how they feel. Along the way, they might learn to pour their own water and put on their own coat.

I believe that I have the best job in the world. Where else do you get paid to sled, finger paint or build with Brio trains? Two’s are marvelous, curious creatures who are always making connections between new concepts and old ones. Being a part of that learning is exhilarating.