Julia Rackliffe

Yellowbird Teacher

BA University of Mary Washington
MA Towson University
Montgomery College 90 Hour Early Childhood Education Certification
SNS Sibsitter (2019-2020)
Classroom Aide (2021-2022)
SNS Board President (2019-2022)

I fell in love with Suburban Nursery School when my oldest daughter began Yellowbirds in 2015. 7 years and two children later and I decided I couldn’t bear to leave. Over the years I have been involved with SNS through co-oping, serving on the board and working as a sibsitter and an aide.

The two’s are a very special age. I love seeing how much they grow from the beginning of the year to the end. This age is all about exploring the world around them and learning about themselves. In yellowbirds they will learn to be more independent, how to use words, as well as work on developing their motor skills. 

The yellowbirds’ day consists of free play, process art, snack, outdoor time and circle time. There is a daily routine which helps them feel safe and comfortable at school. We, however, remain flexible and focus on the business of play as it builds their self confidence, encourages their imagination and develops their cognitive skills.

I am excited to join SNS as co-yellowbird teacher and look forward to getting to know your children!