Lucy Merkley

Yellowbird and Hatchling Teacher

BA Lake Forest College 

Howard Community College 90 Hour Early Childhood Education Certificate

Communications Board Chair 2019-2022

Classroom Aide 2021-2022

Sibling Sitter 2021 – 2022

I joined Suburban Nursery School in 2018 as a co-oping parent and have loved being a part of the school’s community.  My older son started in Bluebirds in 2018 and my youngest son graduated Redbirds in 2022. I loved my co-oping days and learning from the teachers and other parents. Plus, spending time in my children’s classroom helped me gain insights into their behavior and personalities that I might have missed otherwise!

I’m so excited for adventures with the Yellowbirds and Hatchlings. In our classroom we will read, sing and stretch together every day. We will tackle messy art projects that most parents want to keep out of their homes. We’ll bake, cook and taste new foods. We will work on taking turns with popular toys and expressing our feelings to our classmates. We will jump in puddles outside, plant seeds and dig worms in the garden. We will work on practical skills, such as putting on a coat or shoes and pouring a cup of water from a pitcher. The children will change and grow in unexpected ways and I’m so lucky that I get to be a part of their daily lives for a whole school year.