Co-op Options

Suburban Nursery School is proud to offer co-oping options that make our cooperative preschool accessible to families who want to be involved in their child’s classroom and early childhood education, regardless of their work or life responsibilities.

Types of Co-oping Responsibilities: 

Regular Co-oper: You must arrive 15 minutes before school starts to assist with set-up and learn about the day’s activities.  A portion of your Co-oping days will require you to bring a snack to the class as well. You will be asked to stay about 15 minutes after dismissal to get the classroom ready for the next day. A co-oping parent should expect to be at school from 9:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Emergency Co-oper or “E” Co-oper: You must be available and report to school to co-op for a scheduled family who had an emergency/illness that morning and cannot co-op. If all scheduled families arrive that morning, the E co-op parent is excused. If you are needed to stay as the “E” co-oper, the family that you cover for is responsible for repaying the morning by taking one of your scheduled regular co-op days.

Our Co-op Options: 

Fixed Co-op Option: Whether it be multiple children, full-time jobs, or limited flexibility in working hours, families with a lot of responsibilities need certainty in their schedule. Therefore, we offer a fixed co-op option so that you may choose to co-op either 2 times per month or 1 time per month, with 1 additional day per month as the “E” co-oper. You will not be asked to co-op more than this amount.  Preference for days will be considered.

Flexible Co-op Option: This option is perfect for families who have more flexibility in the scheduling of their work and family responsibilities. If you choose this option, you will be asked to co-op a minimum of 2 times per month with 1 day per month as the “E” co-oper and a maximum of 1 time per week. You will not be on the schedule more than 1 time per week as either a co-oper or “E” co-oper. While we will do our very best to honor preferences for particular days of the week, the Flexible Co-op Option is meant for families who are available to co-op any day of the week. In exchange for your flexibility, the tuition for this option is less than the fixed options.

Non-Co-op Option: To include families who are unable to be in the classroom at all during the school hours, we do offer a limited number of spots without the classroom responsibility.

*In order to balance the co-op schedule, there may be a limited number of each co-op option per classroom. Priority is given by the order in which tuition agreements are received with deposits.

In addition to co-oping in the classroom, each SNS family has the following responsibilities:

  • Parent Meetings*: At least one parent from each family is required to attend all parent meetings. (approximately 3-4 meetings per year)
  • Set Up/Pack Up Days*: One parent is required to attend and participate in set-up and pack-up at the beginning and end of the school year respectively.
  • Truck Touch*: One parent from each family is required to be available to help with our annual Fall Festival.
  • Committee or Service: Each family is required to help with the work of one of the SNS operating committees. Committees include: Board positions, Membership, Administrative, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Fundraising, Communications, and Science and Art.

*In the event parents are unable to attend one of these days prior arrangements must be made or a fine will be imposed.

Further details about co-oping obligations for our families can be found in our
Co-oping Agreement.