Our Philosophy

At Suburban Nursery School, we believe:

Children Learn Best Through Play
We believe that children learn best when they play and have fun. That’s why our teachers encourage self-discovery and experiential learning. And why our classrooms are stocked with materials that invite exploration, fire the imagination, require initiative and prompt collaboration.

Preschool Should Be About Whole-Child Development
At SNS, our focus is not only intellectual development but also physical, emotional and social development. Our teachers instill a respect for others, empathy, and a sense of community. These skills will serve them well as they enter the more structured and academically-oriented environment of elementary school.

Parents Should Be Active Participants in Early Education
At SNS, parents, teachers and children learn and play together. This creates a strong sense of community for students and families alike.  

Each Child is Special and Unique
Children grow, change and mature along a developmental continuum in patterns that are as different as their little thumbprints. We strive to provide opportunities for them to develop fully; each, at his or her own individual pace.