Why Co-op

At Suburban Nursery School our belief is that everyone benefits from our cooperative environment:

Parents gain insight into their own child’s behavior by observing other children. They strengthen their parenting skills by seeing how teachers and other parents work constructively with children in various situations. As a result, parents gain greater understanding and enjoyment of their own children through active participation in the classroom.

While sharing their first school experience with their parents, children learn to interact comfortably with other adults and children. Parents also set an example of service in their community by sharing work and responsibilities at SNS.

Co-oping fosters a strong sense of community that benefits both parents and children. While sharing classroom activities and operational duties, our families at SNS form bonds and often develop friendships that last well beyond their time here.

While the parental duties inside and outside the classroom make cooperative preschools a difficult undertaking for some, our families almost all agree that the rewards of co-oping – to parents, families and most importantly, our preschoolers – vastly outweigh the commitment co-oping entails. We find that the more involved our parents are, the better their children’s preschool experience. We all benefit from taking an active role in this dynamic environment!

For more information about parent responsibilities, please visit Co-op Options and review our Co-oping Agreement.