• Fran Warthen

    Director and Bluebird Teacher

    What could be more rewarding than taking 18 three year olds, watching them develop and grow, while helping them learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them?Read More

  • Betsy Meltzer

    Redbird Teacher

    I love teaching our 4 and 5 year olds to make connections and think for themselves. We focus on play in the indoor and “outdoor” classroom while preparing for kindergarten.Read More

  • Ellen Harter

    T/TH Yellowbird Teacher

    I have the best job in the world. Where else do you get paid to sled, finger paint or build with Brio trains? Two's are marvelous, curious creatures who are always making connections between new and old concepts. Being a part of that learning is exhilarating.Read More

  • Terri Yurechko

    M/W/F Yellowbird Teacher

    I started at Suburban as a co-oping parent in 2009 and I haven’t left! When the opportunity became available to be the Yellowbird teacher, I jumped at the chance. My classroom is a place of learning, exploring, experiencing, growing and fun!Read More

  • Celia Kibler

    Creative Movement Teacher

    I feel like I was put on this earth to work with children. Suburban Nursery School has been my home since 1999, and I must say the children there are always such a joy to be with. I look forward to my Fridays with them week after week.Read More