• Betsy Meltzer


    I value communication with parents and enjoy the enthusiasm they bring to the classroom and our school.Read More

  • Terri Yurechko

    Redbird Teacher

    I started at Suburban as a co-oping parent in 2009 and I haven’t left! When the opportunity became available to be the Yellowbird teacher, I jumped at the chance. My classroom is a place of learning, exploring, experiencing, growing and fun!Read More

  • Patricia Brown

    Bluebird Teacher

    I believe the main role of preschool is for children to learn that school is a fun, exciting and safe place to be. Having this core foundation will provide children with the structure for many years of successful education.Read More

  • Julia Rackliffe

    Yellowbird Teacher

    The two's are a very special age. I love seeing how much they grow from the beginning of the year to the end. This age is all about exploring the world around them and learning about themselves. In yellowbirds they will learn to be more independent, how to use words, as well as work on developing their motor skills.Read More

  • Carol Neustadt

    Purplebird Teacher

    I believe that learning to get along with others and self- confidence are two of the most important skills one can learn.Read More

  • Krishanthi Fernando

    Redbird and Purplebird Aide

    I really enjoy working with the amazing SNS staff and families!Read More

  • Lucy Merkley

    Yellowbird and Hatchling Teacher

    I’m so excited for adventures with the Yellowbirds and Hatchlings. In our classroom we will read, sing and stretch together every day. We will tackle messy art projects that most parents want to keep out of their homes. We’ll bake, cook and taste new foods. We will jump in puddles outside, plant seeds and dig worms in the garden.Read More